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  • Ethan Batraski

    Ethan Batraski

    Venture Capitalist, Partner @Venrock, writing about open-source infrastructure and hard engineering

  • Alexandr Honchar

    Alexandr Honchar

    Co-founder of consulting firm Neurons Lab and advisor to AI products builders. On Medium, I write about proven strategies for achieving ML technology leadership

  • Maggie Li

    Maggie Li

    All things bio + quantum

  • Impression Ventures

    Impression Ventures

    #Founder and #Fintech focused venture fund in Toronto, CA

  • Michael Liebreich

    Michael Liebreich

    Entrepreneur. Olympic skier. Philanthropist. Speaker. Dad. For smart energy and transport stuff, look elsewhere; fun, creative and autobiographical stuff here.

  • Louis Coppey

    Louis Coppey

    VC @pointninecap, @MIT grad, writing about #VC, #SaaS, and #Automation.

  • Brandon Reeves

    Brandon Reeves

    VC @Lux_capital

  • Steve Crossan

    Steve Crossan

    Research, investing & advising inc in AI & Deep Tech. Before: Product @ DeepMind. Founded Google Cultural Institute; Product @ Gmail, Maps, Search. Speak2Tweet.

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